“When we are going home is unknown.”

There are about 8000 evacuees staying in Aizu area.
Their loved one, family, relatives, and neighbors have separated but think of each others.
Keep in patient under condition of unknown destination and duration.
It must be taking lots of efforts for them.
Kids, young adult are also doing the same.


“Wish to welcome you but…”

Officially announced the radio activity rate is quite small and it is safe staying in Aizu. But because of rumors, life and business are severely affected or damaged.
Since 3.11, about 600,000 cancellations have counted in Whole Tohoku area and those refract their economy in critical circumstance.

“For now, give a hope for kids.”

Despite of all these difficulties, there are people who move on for the future.
Even kids behave well, consider others, and act bravely ever before.
We wish the firework festival makes everyone get gathered and confirm the hope is promised.
This project came up from our thoughts.

Hope the hope remaining in kids' memories forever.
We appreciate your thoughtful contribution to provide a Hanabi Festival for kids in Fukushima.
Your participation will make kids a happy smiling.
The fund only used for purchasing fireworks.
After we received the fund, we send you a receipt.
And once we have all set, you will find the expenditure details in our website.
Please kindly let us know your participation by filling out form below.

We appreciate your supporting.

Hanabi Festival for kids in Fukushima

Hanabi(fireworks) Festival for kids takes place at Inawashiro in Fukushima to sustain the vitality of the reconstruction.

FESTIVAL Aizu Inawashiro Hanabi Festival (Tentative)
DATE 13 August 2011 (saturday) 19:30~20:30
PLACE Inawashiro-town sports park
AMOUNT 2,000fireworks

Present kids Hanabi of hopes!
Reconstruction and declaration of safety


Inawashiro Tourist Association


Inawashiro Tourist Association official website
JOINT Inawashiro Town
Japan Tourism Agency
Aizuwakamatsu City
Kitakata City

COOPERATION YELLJAPAN (General Incorporated Association)
Akagi-enka-ten Co,.ltd



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June 2011

(All images are authorized by Inawashiro Town and used with consideration for privacy-conscious. Donations will be also donated to other fireworks events in the disaster area.)